We are located in the Fort Ethan Allen Complex in Essex Junction, VT.  Most businesses within Fort Ethan Allen are located in Colchester, but we are on the east side of the complex.  We suggest using the traffic light (eastern entrance) closest to Susie Wilson Road.   There is a tall stone water tower visible from Route 15  Once inside Fort Ethan it is easiest to head towards that tower.

When in Fort Ethan Allen,   Take your second right  into what appears to be a large parking lot -- this is Marcy Drive - and head towards the water tower.  You will pass a long one-story building on your left,  with beige siding on the office section of the building. This is our building!  Marcy Drive and Claire Drive run parallel.  Our entrance is on the back side of this long white building. Please drive carefully -- Tomra Trucking is our neighbor, and they have large trucks passing through frequently. 

Our parking lot  has a long handicap ramp leading to the door.   Come on in!

Best guidance comes from Apple Maps or Google Maps.